Healing and spiritual growth do not have to be hard! This is only a belief. U4Healing™ can catapult your growth and evolution forward by many lifetimes, helping you better express your inherent Divinity now.

Through U4Healing™ you can instantly clear away emotional baggage you have accumulated from each lifetime and this provides many forms of healing and increases your measurable level of consciousness.

U4Healing™ heals your subconscious beliefs by aligning it with Universal Truth---eliminating the junk that interferes with your Self Worth, happiness, and manifesting your good.

U4Healing™ is a new healing protocol that removes many types of energetic baggage that you have picked up during the process of living on earth. It also replaces errors in belief and low Self Worth (which is an error in belief that you are less than perfect as Creator made you!) with the Universal Truth. Other help such as the maximizing of 96 virtues is given. There is much healing and freeing of your soul with U4Healing™. Some of the healing is available in small amounts through other amazing healing modalities, but not the complete healing and not through such a simple and short process. I am grateful for the other modalities that provided both foundation
and inspiration for the creation of U4Healing™.

What U4Healing™ Covers:


This healing instantaneously removes all stuck emotions and emotional traumas, etc. from this lifetime in a way that does not require your body to process them (and handle them only 8 10 per day.) Similarly, it removes all stuck emotions and emotional traumas, etc. from past lifetimes, not achieved through other methods I know of. Energy disturbances believed to be caused by general anesthesia are also removed in the same way.

Removing emotional baggage is important as it is held as pockets of energetic disturbance which can cause emotional and physical problems. Chronic pain, such as 12 years of pancreatitis, has disappeared after removing emotional baggage. Stuck emotions have been found in areas of the body where people have had cancer. If it possible that the emotions helped to cause the disease in the first place. It would make sense to eliminate any energetic disturbances now, before any disease can manifest, or if disease has set in, to eliminate the disturbances and help the body in reclaiming a state of health.

Fears are removed and replaced with their opposite; love. Without fears running in the background of your life, you may experience less anxiety and more relaxation and peace.

Besides freeing you, all this energetic clean-up causes a significant raising in your level of consciousness. The late Dr. David R. Hawkins devised a means for measuring and calibrating one’s level of consciousness in his watershed book, Power vs. Force, and you can use his method to measure your own incredible increase.



We all subconsciously hold beliefs which are not true. We are programmed by our parents, families, friends, teachers, and general society. The programming we receive is usually given with the best intentions, by those who were also programmed. But this does not make truth. We are subjected to beliefs such as “You have to work hard for a living,” “No one will ever want you,” “Rich people are evil,” and “You’ll never amount to anything.” It is possible to replace each of the beliefs one at a time once you identify the false beliefs you have.

With U4Healing™, we trust that the all-knowing God (I prefer to say Creator) knows every single belief that we hold and which ones are false—AND—wants to help us and is just waiting for us to ask in the right way. All false beliefs, including a low level of Self Worth, are corrected in an easy and gentle fashion. It is this correction of beliefs and alignment with Universal Truth which causes a big jump in spiritual growth. It is possible to calibrate your own spiritual growth in a manner similar to calibrating your consciousness level. I will discuss this in my book so that you can see your progress!


U4Healing™ also

  • Maximizes all 96 virtues

And it addresses energetic problems you’ve likely never heard of, including:
Disconnection with your Higher Self. Auric body injuries (which many predispose one to autoimmune diseases.)

  • Woundedness (8 kinds)
  • Miasms (7 types)
  • Unnatural energetic implants, seal and tags (21 types)

Don’t you think that you’d like to make lifetimes’ worth of healing and spiritual development in a simple, easy and comfortable manner? There will still be more to do after U4Healing™ to further your spiritual development, but it will be easier to accomplish without the background baggage and resistance.

FREE U4Healing™!

My intension for creating U4Healing™ is not to get rich quick, but to deliver a tool for profound healing to mankind. To best do this, I need to publish a book to get the word out on how people can do this healing for themselves and their children. Since big publishing companies are now requiring would-be non-fiction authors to prove that they have a market for their work, I need to build a big email list of people interested in U4Healing™. This is great news for YOU!

For the first 10,000 people opting into my email list (one per family!) I am offering a free U4Healing™. I will direct Creator to do this healing on those that opt into my list and you will be helping me get the word out. Additional healings will be made available for a modest fee for family members or anyone who doesn’t want to join the list. Refer to the FAQ section to read about what you can expect from U4Healing™. This work is a powerful cleaning and freeing of your spirit and it contributes not just to your growth, but to the collective growth of mankind!