What will I feel during or after a U4 Healing?

What you feel depends on your ability to feel energy. I’m not known for feeling energy so I only felt a little lightness in my chest from clearing the energetic barrier around my heart. Other more sensitive people have experienced a profound sense of peace, tingling, shivers, sensations of heavy weights being lifted off and even some kinetic releases (little “jumps” from spontaneous muscle movements.) The people that reported these sensations were aware that they were being healed at that very moment. Had they not known, they may not have attributed these feelings to the session. And many people feel absolutely nothing and that’s OK. This healing is working on your energetic self and not directly on your physical body where most of your feeling takes place.

Does the healing happen all at once?

Much of the healing happens all at once but certain types of healing must happen more slowly so as not to overwhelm you. All you emotional baggage is cleared at once but things like updating your subconscious beliefs, receiving beneficial downloads, and maximizing your virtues and Self Worth happen step by step through daily update healings until the healing is complete.

What is an “update healing”?

Update healings are shorter healings that bring you closer and closer to the full healing as you are comfortable in receiving and processing the healing. The healings are not to cause you any pain, stress, or confusion but to be a natural clearing and unfolding of your perfect inner self. Update healings are automatically performed daily for as long as you need them. They are included in the U4 Healing package.

How long does the entire process take?

Well, that depends on where you are starting from. I would expect most people to be complete within 1-2 months from the initial session. What is important is that you start this process now to free yourself for the rest of your lives!

Will the belief work change how I think?

You will still be 100% you! Your conscious mind is not directly impacted and all change made to your subconscious mind is just clearing out that which is false and erroneous and then replacing it with Truth. Subconscious fear is replaced with its opposite; Love. This does not mean that you will lose all reason and play in the traffic but it may mean that your stress levels decrease at work or in relationships because underlying fears are now gone.

How will my life be different?

My noticeable change was subtle but it could be more pronounced for others who are carrying bigger burdens of trauma, fear, and false beliefs, and those with even lower levels of Self Worth. What I noticed was that my anxiety was much less when I had meetings with my boss at work. I went from feeling dread and fear each time to just not liking the meetings. I no longer felt vulnerable but just had differences of opinion with him and I could then verbalize my perspective with confidence, which was new to me! While I didn’t “feel” different, I began to live differently and better with better confidence. That is the least of what you can expect and it is marvelous indeed!

Will this healing help me develop spiritually?

This is a tremendous healing that allows you to move forward more easily without all the fear, baggage, false beliefs, and limited belief in your Self Worth. I doubt it will clear your karma, but it should help you deal with it more easily and positively. In talking with my Masters, I was told that this greatly progressed my spiritual development. (That’s why I added a halo to the U4 logo!) And if you choose to become a certified U4 Healing practitioner to heal others, that may be a wonderful way to work on your spirituality even more.

Will U4 Healing help me to manifest? I’ve tried all the Law of Attraction stuff and I still have no money.

I met Ron Palumbo, author of Using the Law of Attraction Wisely. He teaches that you should clear out all the junk from your subconscious mind before trying to manifest. Having subconscious junk, especially resentment and lack of forgiveness, will essentially mess up what you’re trying to manifest, much like clean water running through a dirty clogged pipe won’t come out full and clean as you want. It would make sense that clearing out emotional baggage and false beliefs (such as “money is evil”, “you have to work hard to get anything”, and “easy come, easy go”) would do wonders. Also, increasing your subconscious Self Worth would make you feel worthy of what you want to attract so that you no longer send out a mixed signal, such as “I want success but I’m not worthy of it.” You are worthy, so clear out your baggage and get ready to be a better, happier, and possibly richer you.

Will this help me develop psychic abilities?

I don’t think it will help develop your psychic abilities but clearing the junk out of the way may very well enable the abilities you already have.

How does this healing happen?

This healing happens by 1) you choosing to receive this healing and thus giving your permission, 2) me contacting Creator to call this forth, and 3) Creator doing all the work while I witness it (through a remote visualization.) It is beautifully simple and Creator knows all your needs and how much you can comfortably receive in a session. Creator is pure Love and will never do anything that will cause harm or discomfort as we are all connected and a part of the Whole.

Does U4 Healing cure diseases?

U4 Healing makes no claim to diagnose or treat any illness. That said, if you have a condition which is solely caused by an energy imbalance (stuck emotions or traumas) it will remove that energetic cause making it more possible for your body to heal itself. I have received reports of chronic pancreatitis (12 years) going away and MS remission which each occurred after U4 Healing work. Again, I make no claims, but I encourage people to allow Creator to clear out their baggage and relieve their physical bodies of debilitating energies and their minds of false and limiting beliefs.

How can you work on people that are not present (or even not “alive”)?

Everything is made of energy and everything is connected. Creator can clear people’s baggage and help them with false beliefs and many other things. All that is required is the people’s permission, Creator, and me; the U4 Healing practitioner. People who have passed to the other side went as they were only without a physical body. They carry the same energies and beliefs that they carried in life. It is just as beneficial for them to receive this healing as those of us alive in the body. I expect they are more aware of what the healing does for them. With my help, Creator heals hundreds of thousands of people each night in this way. Somehow they are aware of this U4 Healing and are giving their permission for me for healing. To date, over 15 million have been healed and this raises the consciousness of humanity as a whole!

How do you raise a person’s level of consciousness?

The raising of the consciousness happens naturally once you eliminate your emotional baggage through accepting U4 Healing. I think of it like cutting a helium balloon free from its weight allowing it to soar to the highest level it can reach.

How often do I need a U4 Healing?

Just once for the main healing and the series of update healings happen daily for as long as you can use them. This healing modality offers permanent change. What you clear away is gone for good. You do not need repeated healings unless you are getting more stuck emotions, but this would still be a small amount compared to what you may have accumulated over hundreds of lifetimes.

Is this healing beneficial for children?

Oh, yes! Think of how much better a child’s entire life could be by relieving his or her past life baggage early on. This would be a wonderful gift for any child, even a newborn. For children under age 12, the parent can give permission for the healing. As wonderful as a certificate for this would be for a shower gift, it will not be possible to conduct a U4 Healing without the express consent of a parent.