Margo E. Love

Like you, I had always wondered about my life’s purpose. As a child, I assumed you just grew up, got married and had a family—and that this all just “happened”.  Some special people had important things to do that would impact the world, but I was “just me”. When my life didn’t take me to marriage and family, I tried to make the best of things and at least grow spiritually. I went to college at Michigan State and got a good job as a packaging engineer but I never felt like my life’s purpose was to develop packaging, even if it was for medical products that would help people.

In my late 20s and 30s I developed interests in things spiritual and mysterious and I started a long time membership with the Association for Research and Enlightenment. Through the A.R.E. I learned much about spirituality, the soul and the general purpose of Life. Being single, I was free to travel and explore the world within and without, touring with the A.R.E. to Egypt with John Van Auken, Italy with Dannion Brinkley, England & Scotland, Turkey with Charles Thomas Cayce, and Peru over the years. Also, I dove into different forms of natural healing in hopes of fixing my own health when no doctor could help me with my chronic fatigue. I became a Reiki Master, studied herbal medicine, traveled out of state for five different courses of ThetaHealing, and took Pranic Healing. I even traveled to Bali to learn about opening and using the Akashic Records! All this was interesting and helpful. When I finally discovered The Emotion Code, something activated within me and I jumped in getting my certification in that.

Knowing that we carry “stuck emotions” I made a lengthy project about discovering and releasing everything I had and finding out when in my life I accumulated it proving out that I accumulated the most stuff during the rougher portions of my life. On my own I discovered that we carry stuck emotions from past lives but they don’t register when you ask about whether “I” have a stuck emotion because the “I” is you current personality self. Asking about what “my soul” carried opened a big door to literally billions of stuck emotions and traumas from my spiritual history. From there, I experimented blending modalities and doing things differently, always searching for easier, faster and more complete healing. Once discovery lead to another and I used my creativity and engineering to build a new modality.

Whenever I learned about something that could be healed, like beliefs or something that could be improved, like Self Worth and almost 100 virtues, I added it to my healing modality which I named U4Healing™ as it UNLOADS, UPLIFTS, UPGRADES and helps you to UNFOLD spiritually. The more I learn, the richer the U4Healing™ becomes. I now know that this is my life’s purpose and all my prior experiences were needed to bring me to this point in time where I could formulate this healing modality for everyone’s benefit. Now, I am at the point of preparing to publish so that this healing can be shared with everyone who wants it. By joining my email list, you not only help yourself in a profound way, but you help me get closer to publishing the U4Healing™ method and helping humankind. Thank you for your interest and your trust.


Next Steps…

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